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Why You Might Love Living in a College Town

College towns have an energetic vibe, similar to the energy that students attending the schools possess. To attract students, colleges and local governments offer social, cultural and cutting edge technological and business events. Attend these events and you can hear nationally and internationally respected leaders present innovative ideas and product developments.

Living in college towns isn't only for college students

Major business players like Facebook, Kinkos and SnapChat were started in college towns. If you've dreamed about launching and operating a successful business, you could find business partners in a college town. You won't have to look far for like minded entrepreneurs, future leaders you could explore business ideas and processes with.

There are a wide range of advantages embedded in college towns. Business opportunities are just one of the advantages. More reasons why you might love living in a college town are:

Affordable apartments and houses - Excluding major college towns like Boston, Philadelphia and Princeton, housing in college towns is generally reasonable. Housing in small college towns is typically lower than in bustling locations. You'll save on housing costs without having to give up social, entertainment and business advantages.

What else you might love about buying a home in a college town

Transportation - Roadways are generally well connected in college towns. Buy or rent a house in a college town and you'll probably have access to public transportation. City buses and trains operate so efficiently in some college towns that you can easily get around without a personal vehicle.

Walkability - You'd be hard pressed to find towns with higher walkability scores than those found in college cities. Whether you rent an apartment or buy a house, you could be within moments of grocery stores, restaurants, malls and shops.

Ongoing learning - Education is highly appreciated in college towns. Even if you have graduate degree, you can continue to learn. This ongoing learning could come through certification or licensing training. Another learning opportunity can be realized by taking non-credit, professional or career college courses.

Hospitals and clinics - Some college towns are home to three or more major hospitals. Emergency and 24 hour clinics are also located in the towns. You and other residents could volunteer to participate in medical trials at local hospitals.

Fine dining - At first glance, a college town might not appear to be home to winning restaurants. Yet, these towns are the very places where sharp business executives and up-and-coming entrepreneurs meet with clients over a mouthwatering meal.

Arts - If you have a healthy appetite for the arts, you might feel like you found your residential niche after you relocate to a college town. Original paintings, sculptures, new music, literature and live stage plays are showcased in towns that have a large college population.

By buying a house in a quiet college town, you can avoid higher mortgages, frustrating traffic jams and pricey entertainment options. Yet, it's in larger college towns that you can stay near the pulse of an upwardly mobile metropolis. Buy more than one property, and you could build wealth by renting houses or apartments to college students. If you appreciate social interactions, you won't be bored living in a college town. You could keep growing, exploring and learning for years.

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