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All Homes Aren't Built from the Ground Up

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Modular houses expand home building choices. These houses can also help to remove limitations that you might have with seeing your residential property vision transferring from your mind into brick and mortar. When building a modular home, think of virtual videos that you've seen on home and garden television shows, the type of shows that showcase couples working with professional designers to create one or more rooms exactly as they want the rooms to be.

Modular homes honor design vision

Vision is key when building a modular home, because unlike traditional houses, modular homes are not built outdoors. Instead, modular homes are built in a factory or similar setting. While your modular home is being built, you may not be able to drive by the plot of land that you paid for to have your house built upon.

Instead you may have to be patient. You may have to watch your house come together room by room as workers at a modular home builder factory start bringing different parts of the house together, part by part. This is where vision helps.

Because you could have a new modular home completely built in a matter of weeks, it's good advice to see both the exterior and the interior design of the house before you contact a builder. That shared, a good builder should offer you standard and customized designs.

Whether you go with standard or customized designs, you need to know what to expect when building a modular homes. Here are a few things to expect:

  • Modular homes are considered to be green structures; these homes are generally energy efficient

  • You could build a modular home on an existing basement

  • Size and styles of modular homes are as varied, if not more so, than traditional homes

  • With a customized modular home, you can choose the type of flooring, ceiling, roofing and amenities that you want. You can have a say in every part of the home build.

Connecting history, design and vision with modular homes

The history of modular homes dates back about 100 years. Top level sells of modular homes first happened prior to World War II. A major retailer sold a large number of modular homes during this time.

As successful as that period was for modular homes, it wasn't until after World War II that the sale of modular homes really took off. Part of the reason for the increased demand for modular homes came from the fact that modular homes were cheaper to build than traditional homes.

This could be why some people still choose a modular home over a traditional house. Modular homes may also be more efficient than traditional homes. The biggest challenge with modular homes is finding the right land to build the house upon. Another challenge working with modular houses is your own personal design vision. The sharper your vision, the easier it may be for you to work with builders to transfer your vision from your thoughts to the actual house.

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